Hayley Wickenheiser

Hayley Wickenheiser

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  • Description: OFFICIAL account of Hayley Wickenheiser - 6x Olympian and owner of FOUR Olympic gold medals. Member-International Olympic Comittee. Insta: hchickwick
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Really amazing. Way to go guys! #stars

RT @armdog: Way to go Cam. This is an awesome idea. https://t.co/ez4cwU9PxR

That was sure a moment. Can’t bet against Brody. #hockeygods #vegasin6 #NHLPlayoffs20

Thanks Bernie...❤️teache

Just go win the damn thing @serenawilliams. Can’t fix stupid! #disrespectful

RT @joakimwedholm: Pyongyang, DPRK | In 2018 15 beer league hockey players went to Pyongyang to take on the DPRK national team. With them w�

My @CanadianTire #AllStarDadJoke is: . If a child refuses to take a nap, is she resisting a rest?

You’re right Patrick, @NorQuest has something special going. Nice to cross paths again and really appreciated this day. Congrats to all recipient

Thanks Marian nice to meet you as well!

Thank you Bonnie:)