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#atoms17 “would you start your next hardware company in Europe or in the US?” Surprised that we still limit the equation to Europe/US, not considering east As

Good reminder not to let your own product development distract you from what happens in the outside world Especially with today’s innovation pa

Reach out to @gsimenel if you’re in Australia/New Zealand and want to learn more about IoT and @sigfox (Please, do not mention rugb

RT @SeaSlugLabs: Finally here.. new @sigfox breakout with castellated headers use it as surface mount or with headers. And of course, now w�

RT @benjaminjoffe: "We got acquired instead of IPO, but for a Fitbit there is also a Jawbone." @ecaeca from Withings at #ATOMS17 @hax_co


RT @Agriscope: @Agriscope travaille sur l'humidité du sol optimale grâce à des sondes. Des tests sont en cours dans 2 des plus grands cen

RT @sigfox: .@OBikeInc Partners @UnaBizIoT in Adopting Geolocation for One Million Bikes on @sigfox Global IoT Network 🚲 📌🌏 https:

But we say YES to @patcas78 imitations of elephants

RT @hackaday: Techshop files chapter 7 bankruptcy and closes all US locations. Sad news for all. Cites difficulty of for-profit network of�

Interesting feedback from @ecaeca about his former pagers business, and how they didn’t see the SMS wave coming From good business to zero in one quarter 😱 #ATOMS

New sigfox northern record at 67°N in Sweden :) I assume the previous holder was @connected_fin with Rovaniemi coverage

Please be nice with @aureleq ! �