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I've messaged all local missing animal sites. He is chipped but nothing reported. I went to my old home (despite him loving the woods at my new one and seeming very happy). There's been possible sightings in Eye and I've looked thoroughly. I have reason to believe he was stolen.

Im overwhelmed with the support finding Wilson! Thank you! Ive 2 VERY strong leads. Just realised all the pics I showed are him laying down & he looks a lil different stood up. There's a lot of comments so Pls email michaelfreelancewriter@outlook.com if you have a lead urself.

I have but thanks anyhoo

@meg_seekings Here's the pic I showed you - which looks more like your ones. Fingers crossed!!

Hi, I'm unable to follow peeps at the moment. Would you mind emailing me at michaelfreelancewriter@outlook.com Thank you!! Fingers crossed!!