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RT @stoolpresidente: A closing message to all Patriot fans. https://t.co/uuuL6Pb2VB

RT @AstasiaWill: Y'all.... go get Stephen A. https://t.co/9GmrYY6yWi

RT @BaseballBros: Sammy Sosa during the Cubs first home game after September 11th https://t.co/ExlmLgh4QZ

RT @stoolpresidente: I think I just made Bill's night and won us the superbowl https://t.co/3CfurnP8t0

RT @BR_NBA: What is Boogie doing?!? 😬 https://t.co/DhkfXNb

RT @BillKoch25: #URI coach Dan Hurley reacts to brother Bobby and Arizona State making the NCAA field. https://t.co/rXvkiBR8k3