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I am Kaur’s PaintNite at Terra Cotta yesterday! Follow @IamKaurSYF so you don’t miss out on future events 🙏 . #ExperienceSikhi #IamKaur #PaintNite

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#SYFCamp2018 is 90% SOLD OUT! Just a few days till registration closes, reserve your spot TODAY by visiting Close to 200 campers registered, don't be the one that misses out 👊🏽 #Experienc

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Due to heavy traffic our website has been experiencing technical difficulties. If you were unable to register for #SYFCamp2018 on, please try again as the website is back up and running #ExperienceSikhi #SYFCamp2018

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RT @MapleLeafSikh: 95-year old Atter Singh bags 9 gold medals at Canadian games via @Asia Samachar

ਵਡਾ ਤੇਰਾ ਦਰਬਾਰੁ ਸਚਾ ਤੁਧੁ ਤਖਤੁ ॥ The Darbaar of Your Court is glorious and great. Your holy throne is True See