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  • Description: <p>exploring Dance Art &amp; YOGA- fuel for the soul!- across the country via a 1991 Winnebago Warrior.</p>
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“Intelligence is creativity having fun.” -Albert Einstein … My latest collage after several Sacral alignment yoga classes

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MmMmmmmm gooOoodddd morningggg! I woke at 444. #Rise and #Shine, #YOGA. It feels sacred to drive to the #studio in the #dark and come out refreshed, the day to day world only beginning to #wake. #Life is what we make of it, all the choices, energies shared, for what purpose? reason? TO RAISE THE #VIBRATION. Art is our soul released into #physical form. Today is the first day the DAYlight Stu...

dark life physical play rise shine studio vibration wake yoga

Whats a #girl to do when its 321am, cant sleep, lies awake- #art maybe, #yoga, #meditate.. backdown on the floor of her new #boutique #gallery wondering how #life will change day by day. It is what it is. Ever #unfolding. When we feel other #souls our #positive #energies they #bloom and #prosper. #Peel away the #layers 3 (at Boulder, Colorado)

art bloom boutique energies gallery girl layers life meditate peel positive prosper souls unfolding yoga

The struggle is real. I really must get out of #bed. Yoga in an hour, errands before… in other words, energy is shifting in the #cosmic #universe. Do you feel? 💫 My thoughts from last night’s practice: To witness life as it unfolds. Unattached emotionally. Every moment of life happens with divine purpose. Imagine that. Each time we step onto the #yoga mat is ...

beauty bed bloom cosmic flowers grace love petals universe yoga

The #SUPER #MOON of 2017 revealed herself entirely last night. Yesterday morning i dropped this #egg on the floor as i was making “breakfast” tacos for lunch. At the time they seemed symbolically the same. Today i sign the lease on my new #retail space at 1144 13th on the hill in #Boulder. Its directly below my loft apartment. #Dream come true! I had no idea this would all fall ...

artists austin babies boulder daylight dream egg housewife mind moon retail super

The hour + one spends in yoga fixated on the mirror- form, posture, eyes. Do they smile, express love and lightheartedness? Are they stern, sad, serious? Shoulders back, stand up straight. Self awareness is key. How do you show up to the world day after day?

anartrevolution mirror thedaylighttour yoga

Miss Winnie got some Miles Starkey luvin’ this afternoon. She’s feelin’ relaxed and gooOood !!!

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Get yourself grounded and you can weather any #stormy #road in #peace… with #grace. #Yoga this morning, amazing!!!!! The rhythm of our bodies and minds. Im fighting a headcold in my nose and throat and cut last nights activities short. Chose bed in leui of visiting coworkers, and laid there feeling guilty about not going until i received messages upon waking saying its totally...

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