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  • Description: I'm a self taught (and still learning) artist. I've been drawing for all of my life but seriously for 5 years. I love drawing SU, Zelda, monster girls, Harley Quinn, and Splatoon related things! I am currently accepting requests!
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mintyfreshsquids : This game has so many cute faces!!!! So,,,, I may have made one of those expression memes for it,, not all the faces of course, theirs just so many! But I did try to get a few I really liked!

royalegermanginger : I made myself a tattoo of Satsuki along time ago so I made her digital and sloppy colored her! Og satsuki

kagekii : man i was a victim Fucking criminy

This is such a shit ass drawing but I like everything except junketsu’s eyes fml they’re difficult.

anime art blog hot anime girls junketsu kill la kill klk matoi nsfw ryuko matoi satsuki kiryuin

referencesheet : Hair palettes by StarshipSorceress (AKA TheSpaceGypsy) on deviantart

qpeura : I’m opening small chibi commissions! *sketch 10 $ | * *flat colors 12 $ | * *painted 25 $ * *additional characters are + 15 $* * contact me with fanma...

circusdollbaby : Afton said it would make things too “obvious” how sinister my true meaning for being built was though, so….I’m just a regular red head now! I’m actually dying my hair like this Wednesda...

burythekidd : croxovergoddess : Draw the Happy Couple! :) I should be working… but this is too good to let it go and im weak… tell me a ship and a number, i’ll j...

bleedingpervert : I wanted to make a lewd expression ask thingy.  Suggest a character and face. Feel free to reblog and tag your answers as * #ahegofacememe*