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karin-woywod : *2048 pixels - 2014 11 18 - ’ People ’ magazine Photoshoot by Jake Chessum* Benedict Cumberbatch photographed at The Algonquin Hotel in NYC for People Magazine.

benedict cumberbatch

duskybatfishgirl : The crimson bands of cyttorak ❤️

avengers avengers infinity war benedict cumberbatch doctor strange infinity war marvel mcu

fuckrashida : Rest in peace Aretha Franklin. She was truly a queen among queens. 

aretha franklin

londoncallingsigh : “In all the time I’ve served Thanos, I have never failed him. If I were to reach our rendezvous on Titan with the Time stone still attached to your vaguely irritating person, there would be… judgement.” - ...

avengers avengers infinity war behind the scenes benedict cumberbatch doctor strange infinity war marvel mcu

ealeczander : *Filmography ~ *   #6 Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch filmography