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  • Description: The New York City Price of Life Invitational scheduled for fall 2013 is a city-wide, campus-based, faith-inspired campaign addressing human trafficking in all its forms, sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, World Vision, and a diverse coalition of organizations.
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How Does Good Go Viral?

How Does Good Go Viral?

*HAPPENING THIS SATURDAY!* It’s not too late to sign up (or invite a social media savvy friend)! Save your spot here . priceoflifenyc : Maria and her cousin, Lupe, were only 14 wh...

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*What IS the good news about injustice? - New challenge!* We said we’d have a giveaway when we got to 1500 Facebook friends, so here it is: For a chance to win one of 2 copies of “The Good News about Injustice” by International Justice Mission founder Gary Haugen, just complete this sen...

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slaveryfootprint : San Francisco-based photographer Lisa Kristine has spent the past 28 years documenting indigenous cultures in 70 countries on 6 continents around the world. ...

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Anyone recall the verses preceding this? WHEN will this happen? Is this not the fast that I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; when...

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Savoeun had become entranced with a woman at the factory named Srey Pich. Srey Pich was a newcomer who took a job at the sewing factory and took a shine to Savoeun. The two would sit together and talk, often retreating to a quiet place in the factory. Srey Pich was not a pretty woman. She had one big eye and small eye. She was nasty to her co-workers and to her husband—to everyone, in fact...

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