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  • Description: <p>Hi I'm Leah (she/her) and I'm 19 and I watch a lot of things including The Good Place, SNL, The Office, Parks and Rec, and musical bootlegs. I would like to thank Cecily Strong and Kristen Bell among others for existing and Michael Schur for improving my life. (avatar cred to @snl-icons) (used to be let-me-be-part-of-the-narrative)</p>
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liquidcoma : kawaiilluminatii : YMCA but instead of young man they say comrade and YMCA is USSR comrade, steel production is down/i said...

thebibliosphere : penfairy :

andhumanslovedstories : champagnemoon : why everybody be tryna act like they didn’t have a twilight ...

laduree-et-cigarettes : a look: wearing silk pyjamas with heels to the supermarket to buy pastries for breakfast

caitlin-haf : I want to thank tumblr for bringing my attention to every lesbian character and ship that has ever had airtime on any channel in any country