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  • Description: Simona, too old for this website, too young to stop fixating on fictional characters. I love metal music (but above all i love Orphaned Land and Nightwish), Battlestar Galactica, Captain America, Black Sails, Jaime x Brienne and art. Sometimes I get political, you've been warned.
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Fishermen on the Shore - Feliks Michal Wygrzywalski

art feliks michal wygrzywalski impressionism polish painter

stationary-silhouette : My David, don’t you worry This cold world is not for you So rest your head upon me I have strength to carry you

music porcupine tree steven wilson

mrs-this-and-that : Mikael Akerfeldt and Steven Wilson

mikael akerfeldt opeth porcupine tree prog rock/metal legends steven wilson