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chiburkie : Prestige Magazine‏ @*Prestige_Mag* Watch out for the new 2018 Eyes Collection from @*CHANEL* . From pen to cream shadow, find out...

runningwithnails : I want to thanks my family… “… When you win an Oscar for this role, who would you be thanking, this coming to mind?” Rob: *“er,…whoever who paid for it for me* (laughs) *. I’l...*

pattinsongallery : HQs - Robert Pattinson attends the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Czech Republic (July 07, 2018) 

*Robert Pattinson’s Acceptance speech at KVIFF 7th July 2018.* Rob starts speaking at 1: 32. Video thanks to korita05 Rob: *“So many filmmakers have told me this festival was so much fun and if you really want to party this is the place to do it. That’s one way to get me to come, ...*

kviff robert pattinson

The Filmmakers @KVIFF 2018: Interview with Robert Pattinson Rob talks about big budget vs low budget films, how he picks his projects and why he thinks Brits are so in demand in Hollywood.

karlovy vary film festival kviff robert pattinson