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I hope there are those little girls like me that are always thinking outside the box and want something else and I’m able to fill a space and give women more options in terms of how they can think of themselves. *Zoe Saldana * Saldana Calls Out “Elitists” And De...

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Gif Hunt ➥ Zoe Saldana: Badass

Gif Hunt ➥ Zoe Saldana: Badass

Below the cut are 32 gifs of Zoë Saldana being the badass she is. None of these are mine so if you see something that’s yours and would like credit or for me to take them down, just let me know. Enjoy!

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//ZOE SALDANA land–oftheliving - 30 dear-indies - ??? blackmambarps - 270+ katy-commentary - 250+ miranda1x1 - 363 moregifhunts - 108 gifhunterress - 120 heardhelps (also has download link) - 360 feltsurrogacy - 88 wehelpyouinwhateveryouwant - ??? natalies-gifs - ??? thehumbleroleplayer - ??? tonsofgifs - ??? targaryenning - 60 psyduck-rpc - 20 lots-of-gifs - ??? None of these gifs are mine...

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