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TWEWY - SCHOOL UNIFORM SERIES Raimu “Rhyme” Bito in St.Usurla’s uniform (sweater ver.). Rhyme was the easiest to draw, maybe because I pick the angle that doesn’t have much detail, welp. Neku | Shiki | Joshua | Beat | Rhyme | All

raimu bito rhyme rich school girl uniform the world ends with you twewy
~TWEWY Prom~

~TWEWY Prom~

Hey, everybody, so this has been mentioned off hand, but I think it’d be a seriously great thing. And I’d rather get it organized sooner rather than latter (especially since uh, in a month I won’t even be able to participate. Dial up = no webcam). How many of you would actually be interested in a TWEWY prom? Just some basic outlines… all COMPLETELY tentative, of course: Sometime mid...

-eyes-like-stars- ammychu balverine chikadash cosplay cosplay prom delirious-bugnasty ellamew friggernaffy fuckingjoshua gakupoid iaww idealistic-cynicism it's a wonderful world khrstalker kipper-snack konobeat lost-legendaerie makobending marriagesorciere mathsquerading maybeivebeenherebefore pretty-in-peach psychodynamic quillpaw reapershadcat rhysispiecess the world ends with you theproducerofshibuya twewy

TWEWY is having a ‘remake’ and @ichirusakuraba and I can’t help ourselves but get crazy… So here’s an AU where Effie is a player and Kiba is a trashy reaper

anime ao aphelion online aphol effie ichiru ichirusakuraba its a wonderful world kiba nilo niloxylo player reaper the world ends with you twewy twewy final remix

I want to make some TWEWY stickers or charms or something. Yah. Here’s Minamimoto, I suppose. :V I’ll try to post something other than chibis, soon. *u*b;;;;

art fan art minamimoto sho minamimoto the world ends with you twewy