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RT @iBallisticSquid: Tucking into a nice sandwich and Marley throws up in front of me and then starts to eat it...

They got me with

They got me with "most ethical and environmentally positive" :) #thehouseofmarley  #marley  #inearheadphones

By Jeanie Phillips, AASL Standards implementation task force member Young people astonish and amaze ...

By Jeanie Phillips, AASL Standards implementation task force member Young people astonish and amaze me. They are capable of so much. Kids like Marley Dias, ALA Midwinter 2018 keynote speaker, who organized the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign. She sent over…


Are you listening to Bob Marley again? So like, we are doing musical and stuff in my school and seems like I’m gonna play Jeremy yaay.. I’m really nervous about it so if anyone wants to maybe give me some tips please message me I really don’t know I have never been in a play before

be more chill bmc boyf riends bmc jeremy bmc michael my art

Just look at this pic and tell me what you see? Bob Marley said..“some people are so poor, all they have is money..” #notreal #fake #ashow #nolove #forcedlove #nevertrump #notmypresident

ashow fake forcedlove nevertrump nolove notmypresident notreal

marley: i’m sick of this!! i’m sick of you thinking you can control my life and stop me from making mistakes!! venessa: marley, we’re best friends. i know what’s good for you! just please trust me! marley: we’re only best friends because i didn’t know anyone else before i met you! let’s be real, we barely have anything in common. we don’t talk about anything besi...

another cut bc i don't wanna clog up anyone's dash!! anyways!! drama!!!! gameplay get famous i'd be... shocked if anyone actually clicked keep reading love it!! marley ross maxis match the sims 4 ts4 ts4mm venessa

*Nas & Damian Marley feat. Stephen Marley* - Leaders Who do I follow? Who do I copy? Look in to the mirror And it's you I see look at me Everything new Like it fresh from the factory Everything you do? It impact me Your lifestyle attract me Parents try distract me When I grow up I want to be like you exactly #LetsAllChangeTheirMinds #DistantRelatives

distantrelatives letsallchangetheirminds

Just about to start watching Marley and Me. Let the howling begin... #ilovemydog