Jordie Benn

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jamie & jordie benn at the fc dallas game tonight (06.26.15)

RT @shnarpedhockey: That pass. That deke. What a goal! Jordie Benn to Jamie Benn!

Can you do Jamie and Jordie Benn?

i absolutely can :) jamie benn: classic gryffindor. talented and hardworking, but also a little reckless with some bad decision making thrown in. like a gryffindor would DEF play through double hip problems cause they just HAD to win the art ross trophy. also such a gryff move to throw all caution to the wind and just dominate in order to get those last 4 points in the last game that he need...

jamie benn, jordie benn, tyler seguin, ovechkin????

Obvious top 2 is obvious pffft lol 👌🏻 1. Coz jamie’s s'cute! 2. Le fuckboi tyler 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? I love jordie to bits but he’s not in my top 5 (top 5 thighs maybe?) and ovi’s jn my top 10, though 😁

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NHL: Oh. Oh right. Jordie Benn is a member of the @CanadiensMTL.

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Coyotes’ Schenn robs Ritchie with goal-line stop Watch: Jamie, Jordie Benn take one out of the Sedins’ handbook Watch: Jamie, Jordie Benn take one out of the Sedins’ handbook nhl 7h ago NHL | theScore

Stars acquire defenseman Greg Pateryn for Jordie Benn |

I’m devastated :(((
Who is Jordie Benn? » Rabid Habs

Who is Jordie Benn? » Rabid Habs

The trading season is in full swing, and Marc Bergevin’s first move was what Habs fans have come to expect from their general manager. In this transaction, the Canadiens acquired defenseman Jordie Benn from the Dallas Stars in exchange for Greg Pateryn and a 2017 4th round pick. The Canadiens acquire defenseman Jordie Benn from …

did u guys know jordie benn’s first name is actually PHILLIP this is terrific information i have just acquired phillip benn