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"Joe Talkin' to Me?!" Fantasy Baseball Manifest Destiny: AL West

“Joe Talkin’ to Me?!” Fantasy Baseball Manifest Destiny: AL West If you are as dedicated and ambitious to building a Championship Fantasy Baseball Team as our forefathers were to building the greatest nation on the planet, then it is your Manifest Destiny to head west! Allow me to be your Lewis and Clark, taking you out west every Thursday, all season long, for the most superb fantasy c...

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I’m thinking more and more that Mystery Girl is Joe and Cecile’s daughter. Or my second guess would be a gender flipped version of Daniel West.

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Sixties posters by Joe McHugh and East Totem West

acid4 nude5 poster3

Caitlin Snow Appreciation Week: Day 6 → Favorite Killer Frost Moment “Guess I just needed a little sleep. Thanks guys, I’m feeling much better now. It’s okay, you can let me out, I promise I’m not gonna hurt anybody. Hum… I guess you’re all smarter than I thought…”

also barry allen bless the 3mb limit caitlin snow caitlinsnowedit caitlinsnowweek cisco ramon hr wells i absolutely loved that moment i've waited so long for someone to finally call barry out on his bullshit iris west joe west killer frost my edits thanks frosty :d <3 the flash