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As part of preparations for Hotfix, Destiny 2 will undergo backend maintenance on Monday (4/9) with no expected downtime. Additionally, servers will be brought offline on Tuesday (4/10) to deploy the Hotfix:

Thoughts on Pangya celebrity big announcement

So from the last stream of Pangya celebrity stream, there was “big news” that took 1 hour and 4 mins and 20 seconds. Or if you want to be PC here… It was at the 1 Hour, 4 mins, 30 seconds, mark, where the big news or big announcement was said on stream… Oh Boy (O.B) Twitch clip of the big announcement Pangya celebrity stream Pangya celebrity Hello there boys and girls, Sonik here...

Destiny 2 Won't Use Dedicated Servers - IGN

Destiny 2 Won't Use Dedicated Servers - IGN

According to Destiny 2 game director, dedicated servers were "just not an investment that we made."

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Taking them at their word

Hello readers I’ve been keeping a loose eye on Destiny 2 since release. I was interested in the game at first but when Bungie split up the pc and console release that killed it for me and then a bunch of issues started coming to light. The reviews didn’t help much but since then Bungie seems to be constantly fumbling into one gigantic pitfall after another. I wondered how they have...

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Curious which Destiny 2 Discord servers are active and using my services? The following are the top Discord servers by number of active Charlemagne users. You might be surprised by the list.

@BungieHelp Ps4 destiny 2 servers are down or what It isnt working

@BungieHelp is Destiny 2 Servers down?