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Day 13. Guarded A coconut crab guarding a treasure chest.

coconut crab inktober inktober2018 treasure chest

coconut crab

coconut crab

Coconut crab coloring page.

coconut crab coloring pages nature

Coconut crab (via USFWS - Pacific Region) Photo Credit: USFWS / Andrew S. Wright

birgus birgus latro coconut crab coenobitidae crab crustacea crustacean decapoda malacostraca pacific ocean paguroidea palmyra atoll

Coconut Crab painted back in 2010!

art coconut crab crab

Holy crab!! Is this for real?? This coconut crab is colored very much like Tamatoa!! [photo by Robert Vaessen]

bizarre creatures boi needs some shinies on that shell coconut crab crabs crustaceans

Today’s Diabetic Character of the Day is: Coconut Crab has Diabetes. Which one? That’s up for you to decide.

coconut crab diabetes diabetic