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In case you have not heard… Aaron Schlossberg is a dangerous sociopath loose on the streets of New York, attacking people that he believes do not belong in this country, allegedly*. And I may not be long before he results to using deadly violence. (*”Allegedly” because he is a lawyer.)

aaron schlossberg dangerous sociopath... allegedly.

Me reading anything where Aaron Schlossberg is being dragged

aaron schlossberg entitled prick racsist

Behold children…The bully once exposed, hides his/her face in shame. Away from public viewing, alone and isolated. Look at him behind his gigantic umbrella. Calling the cops to come save his sorry racist ass. Aaron Schlossberg, we see you.

aaron schlossberg bully bullying

If you want to speak English, go to England. Here you speak whatever language you choose because we are a free country. It is not about cost, or crime or language, it is about white supremacy. It is about whether or not a white male minority gets to force their beliefs and desires on the rest of us. “A Jewish lawyer in New York was caught berating Spanish-speaking workers at a Manhattan res...

aaron schlossberg bigotry spanish trump

Someone tell Aaron schlossberg to pull up so I can run him the details of why he gon lose his bar license ima b waiting for him in my apartment kitchen like this

aaron schlossberg
The Disgraced #RacistAttorney from Manhattan, New York – has been identified as #AaronSchlossberg #A...

The Disgraced #RacistAttorney from Manhattan, New York – has been identified as #AaronSchlossberg #AaronMSchlossberg . Aaron Schlossberg became a viral sensation after he was captured on video degrading restaurant workers for speaking Spanish and…

aaronmschlossberg aaronschlossberg racistattorney