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Dead Island Cosplay Is this girl doomed on the Zombie Island without wearing even panties? Cosplay Nerd Shop

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#HalloweenPinups ZombZel by theEyZmaster It’s that time of the year again #Halloween ====================== #HalloweenCostumeSwapPinups Zelda Deetz as… a zombie! She’s just after your BRAAAAIIINNNSS!!!

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“Zombie mumbling when not in combat sometimes is pretty clear, like "Soon, I will be back home… Just need to find the way…” There is still something of a person in there, locked in some kind of nightmarish waking dream. Perhaps I will send you home, brother-stalker.“ - TvTropes

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Sexy Fandom (SFW) has posted Young Zombie Slayers turn lovers by Jim Phoenix

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Rottytops from the Shantae game series. She’s an adorable little dead sweetie, yes?

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