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Could Splinter not have waited until after Zom flattened Bishop into a metal pancake before apprehending her? Just saying. Probably would have saved everyone a lot of grief.

bishop idw teenage mutant ninja turtles tmnt zom

My Ocs, Toons, Zom, Dr and Snek-

dr my ocs ocs snek toons zom zombie

I tried to participate on Emilia’s ZOMCOM Contest and here’s my entry for it :D I haven’t got much into doing this kind of background and I’m glad to have a motivation to do it xD

contest fanart halloween vampire girl xyronidraws zom zomcom

He’s just checking your eyes out dude. When did you get rings??

ddd gastar made by techcat zom

Okay so Hanson (or Zom) got a redesign and a boytoy. (Gavin is his name)

gavin oc pollydraws zom

I look fucking good tonight.

me my face zom

“Help me and I’ll help you. If you want him back you’ll have to do a few little favors.”

future rp shenanigans my art octal octal is such a bastard i love him zom