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Ok I just see that the snow is going to the wrong direction but I don’t care i’m really to lazy to switch it bc tumblr and selfmade gifs are not really best friends

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“But I want this!” Try to lift up my mood again

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These were two of the pictures I used for the Yuu aesthetic. I made them myself and wanted to share them with you guys so you could use them too! :D However, there are a few basic rules. -Even though you don’t need permission to use these, still tag us so we know it’s been used. -You may not claim these to be your own, or made by someone else. That’s it! They don’t have to be used j...

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ZOLA’s own Yuu left the group to start his shoe company

forgive me man shota i'm stupid i'm sorry yuu zola project zola project yuu

SCANDAL’s TOMOMI; On BASS Magazine November 2015 issue Featuring a special THE BASS DAY cross-talk interview with Negoto’s Yuu! They both discuss how they encountered the bass and how they are being bass guitarists today. They also talked about the coming about of THE BASS DAY. This magazine has been released as of 19 October 2015. You may order yours HERE.

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Happy Birthday Neru! I hope the Japanese is at least understandable ahah. I don’t have a twitter to send this to him, but I felt like art was necessary.

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When your parents just don’t understand that you don’t know what to do with your life.

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