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Asurayuu Week (December 2016) Day Seven: Gift! FINALLY DONE WITH THIS OH GOD I’M TWO DAYS LATE So, it start with how I’m conflicted on how I should draw them, and I decide it should be romantic fluff of them having surprise gift with each other. Then when I try to color it, it turn out surprisingly good. So I decide NOT to rush it (unlike my most other drawing that I ever upload on Tumblr)...

ashera tepes ashuramaru asura tepes asuramaru asuramaru yuu asurayuu asurayuu week asurayuuweek christmas hyakuya yuichiro hyakuya yuuichirou my art my bad habit lmao my drawing ons otp owari no serafu owari no seraph owasera seraph of the end shipping week sorry it's cheesy lmao sote why i tag so much omg stop yuu yuu-chan yuuasura

tell me i’m not the only one who thinks they were hot af in undying era

back from the hiatus btw yay e: gif gazette mine that serious face made my day the gazette yutaka yuu

終 わ り の セ ラ フ Yuchiro Hyakuya

anime mine owari no seraph yuchiro hyakuya yuu

Did you guys have a good time celebrating Yuu’s birthday? His was on July 17th. :) Source

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