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I finished binging on Kuromukuro anime//ming One of the few MC couples I actually liked LMAO///ships///plzgetmarried

kennosuke tokisada ouma kuromukuro ohlook one of my fav who didnt fckin die yukina shirahane

I’m sure that they’ll meet again someday, maybe not in this life, but definitely in the next. Even if they have to wait 12,000 years or cross the galaxy to find each other. please do not remove caption or repost.

apollo edit genesis of aquarion gif kennosuke tokisada oma km kmedit kuromukuro my edit otp: i'll catch up to you otp: i'll wait 12000 years silvia de alisia sna snaedit sousei no aquarion yukina shirahane

I promise I’ll catch up to you! I’ll be waiting. please do not remove caption or repost.

edit kennosuke tokisada oma kmedit kuromukuro my edit otp: i'll catch up to you qq yukina shirahane

funny yukina and kennosuke moments (gifs and pictures are from teejssx16 and nyanpasuminasan check them out)

funny anime gorgeous kawaii kennosuke tokisada ouma kuromukuro my otp yukina shirahane

Little sketch I did after watching “Kuromukuro” on netflix. Netflix please… Give me A SEASON 3

kuromukuro kuromukuro anime netflix p.a works yukina shirahane

Yukina Shirahane from Kuromukuro. I like this anime, it’s pretty cute (: I like that Yukina is a total nerd for geography. Also available on my redbubble :)

kuromukuro print yukina shirahane

Kuromukuro was amazing but one fatal flaw: not enough yukina doing anything

i'm mad she deserved better kuromukuro shirahane yukina the show deserved better yukina shirahane

Kuromukuro - Kennosuke & the students of Mt. Tate International Senior High School

anime gif jundai kayahara kennosuke tokisada ouma kuromukuro mika ogino netflix ryoto akagi sophie noel yukina shirahane