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When you’re desperate af and Malik’s not there and you start hitting on the first best other Rod you see. TKB me Priest Set @kittykaibasblog Photographer

corruptshipping i luv you lmao i have no idea priest set set seth seto shadowchan93's cosplays thief king bakura ygo ygo fandom yu-gi-oh! yugioh

yugioh_darkside_of_dimensions.jpg (Yugi is mine, Kaiba belongs to @a-silly-person)

figmas seto kaiba yu-gi-oh yugi motou yugioh

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anime day8 inktober inktober2017 manga shounen traditional vrains ygo yugioh yuugiou yuusaku

been watching yugioh for the nostalgia since i loved it as a kid and was promptly reminded how much i love this Pointy Binch………the harpy ladies were always my favs

harpie lady harpies harpy harpy lady idk which is the right way to spell harpy lel monster girl pixel art yu-gi-oh yugioh