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For any Earpers who collect #WynonnaEarp comics: So, I am a huge comic book fan and that includes Wynonna Earp comics. One of my favorite things about comics is the artwork. I acquired this piece of original art that was used in the 1996 Wynonna Earp #1.It was really cool to see this art and see the original and compare it to the finished product. The piece: Original art from page 14 of Wy...

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I have no idea what this means, but it feels right. cross posted to twitter here

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So I was trying to rewatch last week’s episode in fmovies when suddenly… HOLY SHIT SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN

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RT @emtothea: Never Misses. #WynonnaEarp Season 3 July 16th @SYFY 💥 *not geo-blocked, get some, InternationEarps!!!


Hey @ctvottawa I don’t wanna tell you how to do your job but ... dis too close. #WynonnaEa