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I was playing an Elder Scrolls game the first time I noticed and appreciated deep, permeating lore in the world of a story. Walking up to a bookshelf, reading a portion of a fake book by a fictional author…that inspired me. Since then, I have noticed and appreciated it in other places, too. I have also infused some of that tangible history into my own stories. I love it. And I spend a lot of ...

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Courteney – Medium

Courteney – Medium

Read writing from Courteney on Medium. co-founder of building buff. avid dabbler: #dev, #photography, #creativity, #writing, #scifi & #art. experience junkie. bookworm.

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Populating Your New World Building a world from the ground up has almost countless facets to consider. Even after you’ve created your protagonist’s culture, city, government, religion, etc., you might go along writing only to find that the meadows and forests and even alleyways are devoid of life. Wildlife. Your main characters’ species won’t be alone on its planet, and if you’ve crea...

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sept79 / easy by mark126 / puse / nozm / basic / inca | groningen nl 2015 meeting our dutch friends again – also check: and

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Just got my Pilot Pens in the mail this afternoon, I was super excited! At first I just wrote random letters wherever (image 2&3) to try and get used to gothic calligraphy again. But after I filled the page I still had the itch to write, so I wrote a quote from the Skyrim page.

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Inspiración Xpress on Flipboard

Inspiración Xpress on Flipboard

By Eva Sanagustin | Píldoras inspiradoras sobre #writing para animarte a escribir