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Anyone can write off the top of their heads, and it’s great for writers to do that in early drafts. But go back and revise for originality. ”Discount the first thing that comes to mind. And the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th—get the obvious out of the way.” Emma Coats TWITTER I FACEBOOK I GOOGLEPlus I PINTEREST I WEBSITE

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Courteney – Medium

Courteney – Medium

Read writing from Courteney on Medium. co-founder of building buff. avid dabbler: #dev, #photography, #creativity, #writing, #scifi & #art. experience junkie. bookworm.

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My modest collection. 2 Pilot Metropolitans (M and F) 2TWSBI Eco (broad and M) Lamy Al-Star (F) Noodler’s Ahab flex Pilot Petit 1 (I actually have two, but the other seems to have scarpered) Pilot Plumix (italic) –also missing another. Posed on my new Clairefontaine notebook!

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Chapter 5: Time in a Bottle “My shack my dear.” Odur kissed Freyja’s hand gently as he slowly cascades to that apartment. Well she is not buying it. His apartment spilled out from a 70’s movie set-she spotted old Polaroids of them standing next to Mount Rushmore,she could hear that summer concert as they danced together. All in such a weird menaragie of what is past and present. It was...

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Hey guys! I came across this really awesome video on YouTube (from the SchoolHabits channel) that was really helpful with my studying. The video is geared toward active reading from books but most of the themes carry over to other material. There are times when I just don’t have the chance to stop and write out all of my notes for class, so active reading becomes really important for me when ...

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Inspiración Xpress on Flipboard

Inspiración Xpress on Flipboard

By Eva Sanagustin | Píldoras inspiradoras sobre #writing para animarte a escribir


Scamander Children Headcanon (3/?) - Phoenix Scamander Born 22nd June 1931, Phoenix is the eldest son of Newt and Tina Scamander; he has three younger siblings - two sisters, Linnet and Wren, and a brother, Leo. Like his mother, Phoenix is stubborn and protective of his younger siblings - as the eldest, it is his job to protect them. He doesn’t smile often, but when he does it really lights ...

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