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Artist: WL OP Title: Nap Such a lovely touch that shows the beauty and pureness of the character Sweet dreams…

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Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4): Part 86} - Mama Voodoo!! Always Knows!! - Mary: “His blood will be sweet! C’mere!” The pirate grabbed the young boys arm. Joyce: “NOOO! Please don’t kill my baby boy!” Mary wields her sword in an arrogant pirate manor, she puts it to the young boys throat. Bethany raises her hand to cast a hex on Mary but her magic is interrupted. Bethany...

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Fallen angel
Nailed to the Devil's cross
Hollow eyes blinded by light


Addict Fallen angel Nailed to the Devil's cross Hollow eyes blinded by light Stolen childhood Sold your body for gold  Death's shadow cast upon you Soulless outcast Hooked on life's promises Surrounded by suicide Sallow victim Exploited by the earth Walk fast to an early grave Shaken and stirred Trapped all alone today Tomorrow starts Hell again Scarred and broken No redemption in sight ...

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Yelling at your OC until the writers’ block goes away

re creators selesia yupitiria takashi matsubara writing