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So, today (technically yesterday) marks day 1 of my journey towards self love and acceptance through @wayofgray ’s #28daychallenge . It’s fitting that it’s also #worldmentalhealthday , and during this process, I’m planning to focus and plan on improving my mental health not only for those around me, but for myself. I am finally recognizing that I deserve to place value on my own happine...

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It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay! With the holidays quickly approaching when suicide rates are at their highest, it’s important that we be there for those exhibiting signs of depression. Start the conversation. Please share this prologue to CORRESPONDENCE, our Suicide Prevention series featuring #TwinPeaks’ Sheryl Lee. By Jd Mendonca Garon Joseph, Sammy Strittmatter, & presenting OUTTA MY HEA...

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RT @bigmouth: Let's kick mental health stigma in the cat’s asshole 👊 #WorldMentalHealthDay


“…it doesn’t need to just be spelled out what that healing should look like.” I was reading an interview and this sentence stuck out to me. There’s no recipe for healing. Just like there’s no recipe for hurting. Sometimes healing my hurts is eating a piece of lasagna larger than my face, sometimes it’s listening to irreverant rap music loudly in my car, sometimes it’s a big warm...

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☀️One of the best to spread on #WorldMentalHealthDay? Viewing violence on screens can bring fear and #anxiety: 📍Reduce exposure to #news. 📍Increase exposure to #nature. #FindYourPark #Me

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