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USA vs. England World Cup

USA vs. England World Cup

The World Cup match between England and the United States is on and we've got tons of readers on both sides of the pond. Sports fans or no, take your nationalism and trash talking to the open thread in Box Scores, or hashtag your comments #worldcup, #usaengland, #beatusa or #beatengland.

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RT @SportsJOE_UK: When you see that Germany are OUT of the #WorldCup #ENG

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RT @GoalJP_Official: \㊗史上初のW杯決勝👏/ クロアチア国内もお祭り騒ぎ

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RT @HKane: Professional. Clinical. Bring on Belgium and the knockout rounds. 😀 #ThreeLions #WorldCup

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RT @SkyNews: A Colombian man helps his deaf and blind friend experience the joy of their team's #WorldCup campaign