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Found some old original art I’d thought was long gone. This is from 1999-ish. I was asked to do a few fill-in pages on a book called Pantheon, including this page of the heroes wading through a cypress swamp. Drawing nature with pen & ink can put me in my happy place, and I went nuts with detail. I remember this being a lot of fun. The gator tail splash was probably me being cute by making ...

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My watercolour obsession. Many people have asked me what is my favourite watercolour brand? It’s hard to say. I usually go with artist grade, colours and affordable price. I have yet to try every single brand of watercolour in this world but I really wish I could. 😄What is your favourite brand? Share your thoughts below. . . #watercolourartist #torontoartist #watercolorpallette #sennelie...

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10th inktober. Eek 6 days behind but still better than previous years!

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Young Victor Nikiforov watercolor! I just love Victor so much at sixteen! and with yukata it looks so beautiful and provocative! I must do more paintings like that! Social networks: Facebook: Youtube: Art by Eveew.

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Fall 2018, 24 x 34 cm, watercolor on Arches CP 300gsm paper ..
One more to go with my previous...

Fall 2018, 24 x 34 cm, watercolor on Arches CP 300gsm paper .. . . . One more to go with my previous painting Autumn 2018. . . . So went through lots of Thanksgiving quotes to quote one very best, then I had a craving 🤔 someone should Thank me by heart for...umm...well, let them find their reasons! ☺.. . . . . . . . #WinsorandNewton #autumn #fallcolors #colorfulcolorado #colorado #aquarel...

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