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Breaking Bad is a Program I Have Not Seen by Sara Benincasa in LA “I will now tweet in its entirety my spec for Breaking Bad, a show I’ve never seen. Please alert all Hollywood-adjacent studio execs and showrunners and craft services professionals and the WGAWest and probably also the state of New Mexico. Here goes…”

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That There’s an RV! “Eagle 5” by Nicholas Ginty

barf eagle 5 outer space parody rv sci fi science fiction space spacebalsl spoof winnebago

Heisenberg by Nalan Alaca in Istanbul, Turkey Links: Web site / Behance / Twitter / Facebook

bounder breaking bad chemistry cook desert fan art heisenberg illustration mask nalan alaca rv walter white winnebago

stuff for the ~*short*~ comic I am working on. It involves the desert and lizard man sss sss

blue desert green skin illustration lizard white hoodie winnebago yellow eyes zawazawa