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Northwest Airlines Boeing 787-800 (latest and official version of the Boeing 787)*

Northwest Airlines Boeing 787-800 (latest and official version of the Boeing 787)*

The newest project of the Boeing company. *In this version of my very own 787-8, the wings are now the same with the real wings of the 787. I also made the real-like front curve design of the fuselage, the tail parts are now edited to look like the real 787 aircraft. I now declare this as the official and correct model of Boeing 787-800 in the 3d warehouse.* Thanks to William T. =) (For ADC 200...

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Mr. Welsh Power Glutes! The Perfect Form Of George North Sandwiched Between Aurelien Rougerie And an unknown French Power Gluteus Maximus Rugger! Yeah, Baby!

aurelien rougerie centers france french nation george north gods of sport le coq les bleus l’étalon men in blue millenium stadium mr. power glutes muses power glutes rugby rugby union scarlets six nations sports stud wales welsh nation wings wru yeah baby!

Paul McCartney with Denny Seiwell, ex-drummer of Wings.

denny seiwell paul mccartney paul mccartney and wings wings

[1:23:55 AM] Synzia: I feel like I will end up making a fursona mostly bc I’m around all y'all [1:27:46 AM] Makotah: join us… [1:27:55 AM] Makotah: here i’ll make u one real quick [1:29:18 AM] Synzia: what [1:36:59 AM] Makotah: ur new fursonre a quick joke became a real fursona an hour and a half later some kinda bunny bat ft dragon tail @synzia this...

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BTS reveal track list for 'WINGS'!

BTS reveal track list for 'WINGS'!

BTS have unveiled the official tracklist for their second full-length album 'WINGS' ! The highly anticipated album will hold fifteen tracks in total includ #bangtanboys #bighitentertainment #bts #wings

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I’ve been meaning do draw something for @beeshavethrees Clipped AU for ages, so have a very quick and rushed Aaron Burr before I go and do my adult duties for the day. (sorry it’s so sloppy I was in a hurry xD)

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