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The Forgotten Children - CunniOutsider

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• The Northern Renaissance is famous for its luscious and sensual use of oil paint, idealized fair skinned Virgin Mary’s, and profusely ornamented and detailed paintings. Beauty is undeniable with these elegant paintings. Yet, you can’t know good until you know evil. Likewise, you can’t know beauty until you know ugly, which is why the depictions of what is ‘not beautiful’ was so co...

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365 Days of Drawings: Year 4 Day 87- January 1st, 2017 © Ethan H Hutchinson

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WEIRD BOOK WEDNESDAY: The Empire of Death explores crypts, catacombs, and other macabre masterpieces around the world in 260 morbidly full color photos. Buy it now on Amazon More Cult of Weird Recommended Reading

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