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The Cat and the Weasel by Pikku-Piru This drawing (at least the sketch) is 5 years old today so here you go. I would improve some things but I still like it. These two are some of my favourite comic books, or rather BD, characters… I hope that even through the twist in the drawing, they are recognizable ;)

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CSA Share Week 16: September 22, 2012 Butternut squash White onions Green beans Arugula Sweet Italian peppers Carrots Rapini Cherry tomatoes Edamame (not in the photo) Eggs (not in the photo) No pasta this week, again. They apparently forgot to put it on the delivery truck… *shrug* Two pastas next week. And I still have leftover soba noodles, so that’s okay. :)

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{February 2017} The first week of February has been very… debilitating. I couldn’t bujo for the first five days of February; on February 3, my dad passed away. So, February 1 - 5 are just summaries of each day (I’m combining my bullet journal with a diary of sorts; I just want to be able to keep track of what happens every day). Bullet journaling has been helping me keep on top of all t...

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Wow, how is it November. Time for the stress of projects and upcoming finals, but also thanksgiving! Since I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to upkeep my bullet journal, I kept it simple. I’m also trying a new weekly layout. I saw something similar to this on pinterest. Just needed something to make me want to use my bujo

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