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it’s Hugo we’re talking about, after all (how he stuffed all that in a small box is beyond anybody)

hugo and vern monster boy webcomic

Kind of a slow day at work so far, so ended up doing a quick draw of @alexander-lr-art‘s main gal from his comic Cheesecake Odyssey, Brie! UPDATE! I’m a dumbass. I don’t know why I plugged in @alexander-lr-art in there. He’s a great guy, and you should go check him out, but the comic and everything is actually made by @fernal-red! Sorry for the mistake. This is from page….193? T...

alexander-lr-art brie cheesecake odyssey fan art pencil webcomic work drawings

Amya Update - Page 5.93 -Follow Us- - Support on Patreon- -First Page- -Current Page- Please reblog and share Amya with your Tumblr buddies! Chapter 5 has finally reached its conclusion! If you were waiting to binge read the chapter, now is the time. Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful support.

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