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Pierdută printre amintiri, Alexandra Darkk

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hi guys! This is just a small PSA to all my followers and mutuals. since the beginning of the school year, i’ve entered into my ‘senior’ year. i reckon i’ll (hopefully) be doing a lot more work and therefore will be spending limited time on tumblr - although i’m not planning on taking a hiatus, i thought this would be a great opportunity to share my other social media in which you co...

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On the ground there lay a crown, the crown that Thorin had worn upon declaring himself King Under the...

On the ground there lay a crown, the crown that Thorin had worn upon declaring himself King Under the Mountain. Kíli stopped in his tracks, and stared at it, lying there on the floor with its mirror image reflected in the smoothness beneath it. Slowly, he walked across the room and picked it up, remembering how proud Thorin had been the moment it was placed atop his head. And yet he had been ...

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Kimin kalacağını ya da gideceğini seçemezsin. Ama senin kalman için her şeyi yapardım. #gitarındansı

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Lookism Contest (on Wattpad) Hello there, fellow fans of Lookism! If you want to help make Lookism fanfiction and you need an excuse to make one, you’re at the right place. If not, and you just want to write fanfiction for Lookism, you’re still at the right place! Wow, I feel stupid. They had their own share button for Tumblr… Oh well. I’m posting both.

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Here we go! The cover for my un-released Batterie fic! Its currently in the writing so keep an eye out for it! Those of you who fallow me on tumblr get the first look.

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