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“When I Bounce Into The- *cartoon boing sound effect* WOW WOW” no but realtalk these are the worst warmup sketches ive done in a long time im so sorry

bum rush dont wanna see my hand where my hand be at i dont wanna have to explain how my brain works ok karamatsu my art some people call me the space cowboy warmup sketches when she meet jim dress wicky wicky wild wild west

warmup sketches! lillie from pokemon, itsblublu’s oc, a dude with an elephant trunk and ears, and azura from fire emblem :3 reblogs & likes =

art artists on tumblr azura azura fire emblem elephant elephants fan art fanart fire emblem kkkawaii request kkkawaiiart lillie pokemon nintendo oc ocs pokemon traditional art warm up warm up sketch warm up sketches warmup warmup sketch warmup sketches

I doodled some chompers for a fun warmup kind of thing, and I ended up coloring and shading them~

art character art character design doodles my art warmup warmup sketches

Me, to my friends: Look at this guy. He’s the most necromancery necromancer I’ve ever seen. We’re so opposite. Me, still to my friends: I’m going to draw him Also, warmup asuras belonging mostly to my bud despondence

asura burrito art gw2 sylvari warmup sketches

I usually open up Mischief and just sketch poses over and over again until I’m feeling like I’m in a good ‘zone’ for drawing XD. I like to use Mischief because it’s an infinite canvas, plus it’s vector-based so it keeps the file sizes small even with hundreds of sketches. I also like to have Posemaniacs’ 30 Second Drawing page open to reference poses sometimes. You can see a coup...

mischief art program posemaniacs warmup sketches

another “warm-up sketch went terribly awry” post. note to self: you really can’t afford to go 30+ days without drawing a single fucking thing anymore. do better next time - and do the thing you were supposed to do first. #1: more fooling around with Kdrama clothing in Thedas. also had not drawn the quizzie siblings’ templar sibs in at least a year because I’m really bad at my future ...

asian trevelyans dragon age how to close the 30-day gap in the worst possible way my wrist hurts and it's almost 4 am pavelyan shirozora draws warmup sketches why do we always meet like this 4 am can we not

car studies, I lack confidence in my lines. Something I gotta work on

bettle cars jeep warmup sketches

some warmup sketches of my favourite boy aizawa (cause me and @pokegamer9999 are binging bnha atm)

aizawa shouta bnha i love him my art warmup sketches

i tried 2 do warmups before my homework so i decided to sketch friend ocs most of these belong to @battyponymonfan except for the bottom right corner; that belongs to @yukaricode but then i got into a fight and bust up my hand so i can’t draw anymore, oops

battyponymonfan warmup sketches wip yukaricode