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This excerpt from the latest Global Recon Podcast episode is Travis @livehard18d telling a story of him in Afghanistan as a Special Forces Dog Handler searching for IED’s. They came across a suspicious individual during their search. See below. Any time humans become afraid we emit a pheromone. You can’t smell it; I can’t smell it but the dog can smell it. To a working dog its like cat n...

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Check out these ICTF(Iraqi Counter Terrorist Force) warriors. They post on social media documenting the ass kicking they are unleashing on ISIS #Repost @ibraheem_alnoaimy_tj ・・・ Almost there .. Mosil is the last place for ISIS 🐐🐐in Iraq .thanks to all the countries that stood with us , helped and supported either by training💪💪 the troops or conducted air strikes✈✈.. #ISO...

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Second picture sent in for the pic contest. Snipers training in Djibouti, Africa. Was asked to keep the name of the unit secret due to security reasons. Thanks to @marshall_gartner for sending in this awesome shot. #IgRecon #PictureContest #Snipers #Sniper #Africa #WarFighters #Training #Murica

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