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Hey y'all! Come show off your art, programming, and organizing skills by volunteering at TSER. You’ll be working with our development and graphics programs with Eli and Landyn. Please note that you must be trans* to apply. We will give special consideration to students, youth, people of color, trans* women, and individuals who identify outside the gender binary. You can find out more by click...

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7 Great Reasons to Be a Volunteer the Whole Year Round

7 Great Reasons to Be a Volunteer the Whole Year Round

There are a few sound reasons why we all should volunteer the whole year round. I’m here to give you some of the reasons to volunteer the whole year round. #volunteer


lendabook : Lendabook ( ) adalah platform bagi para penyuka buku untuk berbagi informasi, mencari buku dan mendapatkan buku dengan cara saling pinjam meminjam buku...

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26.11.2015|| Afternoon spent with lecture notes on cytotoxic drugs before I was off to Roehampton LINKS or First Aid society, as I call it. Done with my application to join St. John’s ambulance as a volunteer!

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🐶 It’s no secret how much I worship doggies…help be the voices of change for our doggie angels…please sign petition in my link to Stop Yulin Forever and BE LOUD FOR ANIMALS!!! @peta #beloudforanimals #ilovedogs #manandwomansbestfriend #betheirvoice #signpetition to #stopyulinforever #volunteer #donate #hugthemkissthemandneverletthemgo (at PETA (People for the Ethical ...

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ボランティア - Racca Style

ボランティア - Racca Style

I have a volunteer office job.💻・朝からボランティア関係でパソパソしてます💻どこでも似たようなことしてるよーな気がするなぁ…😆・さーて、今朝は早めにおうちを出なきゃ!🚌・ #糖質制限 #lowcarb #MEC食 #atkins #ketogenic #keto #ketosis #lchf #ghee #MEG食 #完全無欠コーヒー #coffee #bulletproofcoffee #ketocoffee #su...

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#GivingBack: A Look Behind The Scenes – Meet the Crew that Keeps Our Firefighters Going In the small town of Fort Klamath, Oregon, a unique group of youth gathered under a bright yellow tent at the High Cascades Complex fire camp. The wildfire, ignited by lightning, burned from August through October 2017 west of Crater Lake, Oregon. The youth are members of the Boxelder Job Corp Group based ...

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The National Park Foundation supports programs like Concrete to Canyons, which helps connect youth and families in Las Vegas to the amazing adventures waiting for them at Zion National Park! Learn more about our Impact Grants here:

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Since When Did People Become Props For Our Do-Good Lives?

Voluntourism romanticises poverty. Annie ...

*Since When Did People Become Props For Our Do-Good Lives?* Voluntourism romanticises poverty. Annie Hariharan shares her experience helping out at an education center in East Bali, the problems she picked up and how volunteering really needs a reform. #volunteer #voluntourism #poverty #thirdworldcountry #poor #travel #philanthropy #volunteering #tourism #economics #social #anniehariharan #hu...

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