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Last round of derps: peccaries! The Raymond Alf museum, at which I’m an intern, started with the find of a new peccary genus; Dyseohyus fricki, and so it was an appropriate tribute to end the instagram takeover on :) These were an interesting bunch to draw, mainly because… peccaries are still around. The features I like most about these animals are their giant heads, fluffy cheeks, po...

art character design doodles dyseohyus fricki javelina kinda? paleoart peccary science illustration visdev visual development

New work! I used a picture from Maggie West as a reference for the colors (: I also made a process video of this one, so if it works out I’ll upload it here too!

animation art artists on tumblr character design color practice digital art girl illustration maggie west neon portrait study visual development

Some thumbnail sketches I did for disney tv’s big hero 6 series of good luck alley. I had a blast working on this location! Color stuff and some character work i did on the show coming soon.

baymaxreturns bh6 big hero 6 big hero 6 the series development disney disney tv animation disneytva drawing dtva good luck all one point perspective sanfransokyo visual development

Visual development for Disney/Pixar’s short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (x)

concept art disney disney short frozen olaf's frozen adventure pixar pixar short visual development