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‏صورة توضيحية تختصر تقريباً جميع الڤيروسات التي تصيب الإنسان موزعة حسب الجهاز أو العضو المصاب

viral infection virus الفيروس الفيروسات الڤيروس الڤيروسات فيروس فيروسات ڤيروس ڤيروسات
(AKA Park Chanyeol) 8 STEPS

*warning for content x'D
1) Showcase his amazing...

*HOW TO TRAIN YOUR VIRUS* (AKA Park Chanyeol) 8 STEPS *warning for content x'D 1) Showcase his amazing dancing skills that can even the Chensing Machine speechless 2) Show his amazing bowling skills he's worse than my grandma 3) Show his undying love for Kai thirst for Jongin's D 4) Now proceed to show how he's rejected and abandoned 5) Reveal his secret identity 6) Set relationship goals for ...

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AHHH I made this Little Jelly bean Baby Bu Thing I hope you like this @infectionstale

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[ Your Computer has detected a Virus ] Chinchi couldn’t help, but ask for Virus’ help on a mini comic to get their creative juices flowing. Of course, what better way then to torture one of their motivation lovesick children. Note: This is not a canon ship. Art © Chinchi Virus © @coderunners / @thenoblescosplay XTale Papyrus © @jakei95

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I found a reference that made me think of Virus so I drew him. I don’t own the reference and the mug says ‘that was my Clondike bar’ I’m new to tumblr so tell me if I submitted this wrong #Virus #coderunners #thenoblescosplay — by glitchy-cosplay This is really cool! And the saying on the cup is cute

coderunners fan art submission virus

What would you do if you woke up to no running water, probably nothing, what about if the lights were off too? Then you realise you’re trapped inside as are hundreds of your neighbours? See how the tenants of these flats cope in Containment. Now available on We Are Colony.

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I made a thing-I drew the beans-hhh — by secretskele10 Awwww! lol It looks like Codex is trying to hush Virus from saying something mean.

coderunners codex fan art submission virus