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To the uninformed sights such as these might seem extraordinary.
For the rest of those in-the-know it's...

To the uninformed sights such as these might seem extraordinary. For the rest of those in-the-know it's an abomination! Find out what your missing - Respiratory diseases continue to rise & most people have this twisted notion that "they couldn't possibly be spraying us like bugs." Fact is: They have, & for a very long time at that! What you can't see sometimes is worse that what you can. Get i...

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Part 3 of Undervirus Reboot’s cast, and it’s our human squad. (SLIGHT REBOOT!RYU AND REBOOTTRUE!XANS SPOILER) Important Notes While RebootVirus!Chara’s hair design is similar to Undervirus’s designs, for Frisk, I used Undertale Retold Frisk’s hair design for Human!Frisk. Yes, RebootVirus!Chara doesn’t have the wings here, because she doesn’t have them yet. Reboot!Ryu spoilers!...

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Sadako Yamamura-Bio by !Twilightmia

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Alguien se está poniendo muy pero que muy malo

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LivingDeath virus (1997). Depending on the system date the virus encrypts the hard drive sectors and displays the messages: I am the Living Death. I am coding your hard disk now. Your FAT is destroyed and his copy is only in memory. If you set power off, all your data will be lost !! Press any key all

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