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Planning the Capture of Booth Alexander Gardner 1865 Alexander Gardner’s long-term relationship with the federal government and the Army of the Potomac gave him unparalleled access to subjects other photographers could not attain, especially in the days following John Wilkes Booth’s assassination of the president. Here, Secret Service Director Colonel Lafayette Baker sits and studies map...

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Little sprinkles of Crocus in my garden on Forsythia Hill in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Flutterbyes: American snout butterfly (Libytheana carineta), in Portsmouth, Virginia. Please click the photo to embiggen.

american snout butterfly insect libytheana carineta portsmouth virginia

DC Gothic #2The metro escalator is eternal. You have accepted this. The alternative is to be swallowed up by the gaping black hole at the bottom. You know what hides there in the darkness, and it is worse than not knowing. The escalator is eternal. It has to be. twitter | instagram | pinterest | facebook

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Southbound Amtrak No. 81, the “Silver Star,” was exiting the long sweeping curve at Penola, VA in Sept., 1973, led by E8A No. 241. Penola was once a bustling little community, with industries based around forest products and agriculture. Slowly, they closed one at a time. By 1973, little was left except several houses. An abandoned feed mill can be seen off to the right.

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