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Picture of Violet from Scalie Schoolie in her schoolgirl outfit for @shenaniganza / @shenanimation‘s birthday.

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YUP YOU DONE FOX’D UP… GET IT…? Nvm So yay my first strip. Months of planning a comic and I start it with a fat joke. But anyway this comic is gonna be about different colored dumb-ass animals who are named after the color and it will be semi-autobiographical about the dumb shiz of my life as I go from immature child to… still immature adult. So it’s gonna be silly, stupid, and heck...

comic fat joke fox on day one sumi violet wow i'm creative
Gorgeous red Tulip with Dew
Beautiful Morning
═════════ ೋღ♥ღೋ ════════════
☆♥     I wish your heart ...

Gorgeous red Tulip with Dew Beautiful Morning ═════════ ೋღ♥ღೋ ════════════ ☆♥     I wish your heart always be filled...   ♥      ♥•*¨*☆   with LOVE and PEACE   ♥☆¸•*¨*★ ═════════ ೋღ♥ღೋ ════════════  Tulips are the most popular flower after rose and chrysant...

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i separated them into kids and adults bc there are just…. so many characters in wordgirl that can fit in this chart…. lmao. discuss

becky butcher chuck chuck the evil sandwich making guy dr two brains eileen johnson lady redundant woman leslie miss power mr big ms question pbs kids scoops tj tobey tobey mccallister victor victoria violet whammer wordgirl