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agentm on Instagram: “The Rookie Lot / Yearly split. I dunno if this was a test press, or they just gave me one before covers were printed.”

agentm brand new the rookie lot vinyl

I went to Day of the Devs this last weekend! I got to play quite a few great games including UFO 50, where I asked Derek Yu how I should even play three of his mini games I did get try out (eventful I know). I also got to enjoy Way of the Passive Fist which I made an ass out of myself in front of a couple dozen people until I realized the inputs were switched on the fight stick and just decided...

california cup head day of the devs gaming random pick ups san francisco sunnyvale the daily ufo 50 video games vinyl vinyl records way of the passive fist

Shout out to one of our favorite producers, Illingsworth. If you fux with beats and instrumentals, get up on his sound.

beats crates is high hip hop illingsworth mpc 2000xl producers records stonesthrow vinyl