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Thank you Arvida for snapping pics of our beautiful girls Donnika and Victoria!! Click through for Arvida and Maria’s dope blog on Nylon Japan. xx

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My local cinema has created a themed bar for Bladerunner 2049 If you like replicants, technology or anything Alien you should follow my blog MU/TH/UR 9000 | Symbolism in Alien: Covenant | Alien Mythology Prequel Project

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Brianna Wettlaufer, Victoria, B - greatdiscontent | ello

Brianna Wettlaufer, Victoria, B - greatdiscontent | ello

Brianna Wettlaufer, the Victoria, BC-based entrepreneur and CEO & Cofounder of Stocksy, found photography by accident, but once she did, she never looked back. The self-taught designer turned photographer turned entrepreneur, recalls her early years, her path into the world of photography, and overcoming resistance to build a business she believes in, for the community she loves. (photo by Mere...

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Echoes of Clara? - The other day I was looking back at Jenna Coleman’s body of work and started to imagine that all of the characters Jenna has played in the past could theoretically be an echo of Clara Oswald. Jenna (as opposed to most actresses these days) seems to be equally at home doing period and costume pieces as well as those with modern storylines, so that lends itself well to possib...

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NWTS/Victoria's Secret Bustier/32C

NWTS/Victoria's Secret Bustier/32C

#Nwt #Victoria's #Secret #Sopretty from #So #pretty from VS! #BNWT size #32C! No trades or holds! #38dollars is final #price!

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