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A thing I did for Marsminer cause I noticed how similar our OCs were and I thought it was kinda cute. Also, askblog is kill since I don’t use it anymore. This is just gonna be a place to dump my vectors and such. Can still ask questions though if you’d like. I will post NSFW stuff from time to time so if that’s not your cup of tea, be warned.

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Behold, Physics! In this stunning demonstration, the Myth-busters fired a soccer ball at 50 mph out of a cannon on a truck riding at 50 mph in the opposite direction. The ball just falls down as if it is free falling!! This is a consequence of the fact that in Newtonian mechanics, opposite vector quantities cancel out each other. You probably have heard that a legion times, but here’s the v...

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While everyone is jumping ship from @MoviePass, I’ve used it to see Eighth Grade, Blindspotting, and Sorry to Bother You these past 3 days

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its 5 am here’s my oc Vector random doodle

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