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This week is just a found treasure trove of beautiful concept art drawings by Disney Legends Vance Gerry and Mel Shaw. The first one of Basil holding the gun is by Vance while the remaining eight (like the Rat Trap scenes) were done by Mel. Many variations to the scenes happened in the concept art before getting permanently switched to a different direction. This is one of my favorite parts whe...

basil of baker street mel shaw the game's afoot! the great mouse detective van eaton galleries vance gerry

a bit off topic In the early 1970’s before Ralph Bakshi and Rankin/Bass ventured into Middle Earth Disney Unoffically considerd doing an adapatation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit These drawings were done by veteran Disney storyman Vance Gerry. One of these character designs look like Don Bluth’s Stanley the Troll. and the draft was written by Frank Thomas, Well the Disney animated feat...

disney frank thomas j.r.r. tolkien the hobbit unmade disney unproduced animated feature vance gerry

Vance Gerry’s story sketch (above) inspired Ollie Johnston’s animation (below) in this lovely scene from Walt Disney’s The Aristocats.

animation concept art disney duchess duchess gif o'malley o'malley gif ollie johnston story art the aristocats the aristocats gif vance gerry

This concept watercolor piece by Vance Gerry is the image on my daily Disney calendar today. It’s so expressive! I thought I’d share. The Lion King.

concept art disney animation lion king mufasa simba story art the lion king vance gerry watercolor

Vance Gerry’s story art for Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996).

animation disney esmeralda quasimodo storyboard storyboarding storyboards vance gerry

Advice from Disney story artist Vance Gerry, during the production of The Great Mouse Detective

disneyedit my gif story vance gerry

Vance Gerry’s story sketches for The Rescuers

concept art disney story sketches the recuers vance gerry

Early beatboard drawing, Hercules. Vance Gerry Titans unleashed.

beatboard disney animation hercules vance gerry

Just another image featuring a collection of beautiful concept art by Disney Legend Vance Gerry. I came across this new picture while looking around on Twitter. Historic Disney was wishing him a Happy Birthday on August 21st, the cusp of Leo and Virgo! :) Vance’s concept had in mind of an adult version of Olivia Flaversham with a love interest to Dr. Dawson (or was it Basil? Or both?), but it...

basil of baker street gmd great mouse detective the game's afoot! the great mouse detective vance gerry

Concept art for The Great Mouse Detective by Vance Gerry photo source [x]

artist concept art disneyedit my edit the great mouse detective vance gerry visual development

Original character concept artwork from The Great Mouse Detective by Vance Gerry.

concept art op// the great mouse detective vance gerry

Beatboard drawings by Vance Gerry. Hercules

beatboards disney animation hercules story titans vance gerry