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Vampire Ande English Trick or Treat? It’s almost Halloween, so it’s time to disguise yourself and enjoy~ That’s why I bring you Ande as a vampire, ready to look for your sweets ♥ I hope you like it ^^ Ande of my creation. PS: I had a little idea to make a comic on Halloween but I don’t think I have time Xd Well surely I’ll do it for next year if I see that I can’t do it thi...

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This girl I went to gradeschool with has her own photography business and she asked me to design a logo for her. I said I would do it for free if she did a photo session with me. We’re gonna do something black and white with a hint of horror to pay homage to mistress to the horror kid, Vampira. Also I need something to send to my sweetie because I have a picture of him on my dresser. ;)

black and white classic horror goth girl laura fear malia nurmi miss fear miss laura fear photo shoot vampira