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Detail by Sokar uno for the Abaton art and culture festival - Located in Magdeburg, Germany

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RIDING BICYCLES sometimes it is better to ride a bicycle than to hop on a bus, to graze your leg on the chain as you cycle, to close your eyes precariously, to eat the wind. to ring the bell so that others might see you. to hop off and walk with a friend to cycle on a feverishly steep hill, let your legs tire, hop off and push your bicycle,decide that it’s too heavy,cry at the thought of ...

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January 31, 2018 “RESTING IN PIECES” By Drew “I don’t want to talk about it.” —Drew Merritt’s Artist Statement Perhaps its his troubled youth in New Mexico or his walking away from formal education but Drew feels like it should be more about the art and less about the artist. In an interview with Complex he said “I just want people to see me through my work and not give a s*...

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