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A quick doodle of Storyshift Mettaton :D Gimme feedback of the line art, I tried out the ‘force fade’ tool this time so tell me what you think!! This is my interpretation of the moment when Blooky gave him his ‘Locket’ or in this case, a key to something? Not sure lol. Maybe just the key to his room but then that wouldn’t be very special would it? ;3 Oh well, looking forward to what...

storyshift mettaton the fallen undertale ut-storyshift

Mettaton would be perfect to replace Chara. Storyshift!Mettaton

my art storyshift au storyshift mettaton undertale undertale storyshift

Just shut up and sleep, while you’re listen the sound of the voices that drag you to your worst nightmare…. More Mizuki draws o3o

crightmoss child crossmare child digitalarts human version mangastyle mizuki my art my fanchild my ocs nightcross child undertale

Take some edgy cross Chara fan art! I did a art collab with my boi Azure on amino! So edgy and Emo events Chara jk lol Cross Chara belongs to @jakei95 / @xtaleunderverse

cross chara cross!chara undertale underverse xevent chara xevent!chara xtale xtale!chara xtaleunderverse

Holy Sh** I love Error. I know this isn’t really in character but I just had to draw him all cutie like XD I’m better at that anyway. Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

cute error!sans errorsans etfanart loverofpiggies undertale

#1 #2 i`ll just keep doing these for a while, maybe ill be able to do the whole game :

frisk painting rverasart underpainting undertale